Our Brewing Methodology


To brew. To incubate.

niangtea.sg’s tea selection process

Our teas and flowers are specifically chosen for their quality.

After all the hard work by the farmers and tea processors, the least we can do is to present the best side of these teas to you.

How We Brew

At niangtea.sg, our cold brews are prepared using a mix of mizudashi and traditional chinese tea brewing methods.

Every tea and flower tea has its own unique flavors and characteristics. Hence, our recipe for each cold brew tea is unique. (and that’s why we’ll need at least a day to process your order 😅)

Recipe Development

Our aim is always to tease out maximum (desirable) flavors from our teas.

We carry out several rounds of brewing in order to identify the best way to present the cold brew teas to you.

P.S. Many of our teas are unsweetened or very lightly sweetened. Folks who love their bubble teas or milk teas may find our cold brew teas blend.

If you’re keen on trying our healthy teas but want something sweeter or stronger, leave a note when you check out.