Mid Autumn Festival Set (Limited Edition Brews)


Pair some specially crafted cold brew teas with your mooncakes and pastries this year.

*Mooncake not included*

We’ve curated a small batch of teas, just for this season. These healthy teas may just be the perfect complement to your mooncakes.

This set includes 3 bottles of cold brew teas.

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Mid Autumn Festival is the perfect reason for a get together with close friends and family. This year might be a lil’ different, but that won’t stop us from having a great time.


Curated Teas for Mid Autumn Festival

We’ve curated a range of cold brew teas, crafted to pair well with mooncakes and popular pastries.

Organic Sencha

Featuring organic Sencha grown and harvested at Kagoshima Farm in Uji, Japan. Expect a sweet finish on this strong bodied green tea.

We think this pairs well with traditional lotus paste mooncakes for a refreshing end.

Genmaicha 玄米茶

This cold brew genmaicha features a mix of roasted brown rice with organic Sencha. A light green tea with aroma of roasted rice.

We think this pairs well with custard mooncakes and even snowskin mooncakes. Genmaicha may be an acquired taste.

Yuzu Citrus

A pleasant tea for those with a sweet tooth. Comes with chunks of citrus.

May also be a great alternative for folks who don’t like green tea.

Other NiangTea.Sg teas

We like to think that our Narcissus Oolong, Honey Osmanthus and Rooibos teas are complementary with mooncakes as well.


Customise this package to your liking, choose from selected flavors:

  • Organic Sencha
  • Yuzu Citrus Tea
  • Geimaicha
  • Honey Osmanthus Tea
  • Narcissus Oolong Tea
  • Roobois

Niangtea.sg’s teas are brewed from premium teas and flowers, with no artificial preservatives or sugar. (honey may be included in selected teas)

All orders are brewed fresh, on the day of delivery.

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