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rooibos tea

Fragrant red tea with natural sweetness coupled with characteeristic woody, nutty notes.⁣

Cold brewed with dried leaves of the South African Aspalathus linearis bush, niangtea.sg’s Rooibos cold brew is a light, sweet tea that’s easy to consume. ⁣

Rooibos is rich in antioxidants.

It’s believed to help alleviate stress, improve sleep and aid digestion.⁣

Caffeine free. ⁣

Get your Rooibos Tea here

rooibos latte

Fragrant red milk tea with natural sweetness and nutty notes.⁣

Our rooibos latte is a smooth but light tea which is easy to consume.⁣

Rooibos is rich in antioxidants.

It’s believed to help alleviate stress, improve sleep and aid digestion.⁣

Caffeine free. ⁣

Get your Rooibos latte here

lavender rose tea

Refreshing flower tea with soft, subtle flower notes wrapped in fragrant aroma.

Our lavender rose cold brew tea is made from a mix of lavender buds and rose flowers for over 4 hours.

Honey is added to balance the floral notes.

This tea is said to improve sleep and reduce stress. 
Perfect option for a slow weekend afternoon. Also great with sweet treats.

Caffeine free. ⁣

Get your Lavender Rose Cold Brew here

peppermint tea

Light amber tea with a refreshing aroma⁣, minty taste and a cooling finish.

Our cold brew peppermint tea is brewed using dried pure peppermint leaves for over 8 hours.

Peppermint tea is said to aid sleep, reduce stress, aid digestion and improve skin health.

It is the perfect beverage to wind down to.

Caffeine free. ⁣

Get your Peppermint Cold Brew here

jasmine green tea

Light, refreshing tea with jasmine flower notes. ⁣Zero bitterness.

We brew our jasmine green tea from a blend of whole green tea leaves and jasmine flowers. ⁣
⁣Green tea is high in polyphenols and antioxidants.

This tea is said to protect the heart and reduce stress levels.

Contains caffeine.

Get your Jasmine Green Tea here

narcissus oolong tea

Fragrant red tea with slight smoky notes and a sweet finish.⁣ ⁣

Brewed with whole Narcissus (水仙) loose leaves for over 8 hours, this tea has a noticeable body without the usual dry finish from tannins. ⁣

Best enjoyed as is. But feel free to add a touch of milk or honey to taste.⁣

It’s said to help increase metabolism.

Contains caffeine.

Get your Narcissus Oolong tea here

honey osmanthus tea

Light, smooth tea with sweet aroma and a tinge of apricot, floral taste. ⁣

Our honey osmanthus tea is brewed from golden yellow osmanthus flowers for 4 hours.⁣

Osmanthus is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. It is said to detox the body, boost lung health and improve skin health.

Caffeine free.

Get your Honey Osmanthus Tea here

honey chrysanthemum tea

Dark amber tea with hints of caramel and floral notes.⁣

Our honey chrysanthemum tea is brewed using premium Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum flowers (昆仑雪菊) for over 8 hours in a controlled environment.

It is then finished with a dash of honey that balances the natural flavors of the resulting tea.⁣ ⁣

This tea is said to help reduce high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. ⁣

A great option as a cooling beverage to enjoy during the warm late afternoons.

Caffeine free.

Get your Honey Chrysanthemum Tea here

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